Tuesday, May 8, 2012

AT Commands List

AT+CACM - AT+CACM AT command resets the accumulated call meter value on the SIM.

AT+CALA - AT+CALA AT command sets the alarm on the device.

AT+CALD - AT+CALD AT command deletes alarm on the mobile device.

AT+CALM - AT+CALM AT command is used to set the alert mode. Possibl1 values are, 0 normal mode 1 silent mode (all sounds from MT are prevented) 2… manufacturer specific

AT+CAOC - AT+CAOC AT command enables subscriber to get information about cost of calls.

AT+CAPD - AT+CAPD postpones or dismisses a current active alarm.

AT+CASIMS - AT+CASIMS AT command sets whether SMS over IMS is available or not.

AT+CAVIMS - AT+CAVIMS AT command configures whether voice calls with IMS are available or not.

AT+CBC - AT+CBC AT command returns the battery status of the device.Possible values are, 0 MT is powered by the battery 1 MT has a battery connected, but is not powered by it 2 MT does not have a battery connected 3 Recognized power fault, calls inhibited

AT+CBCAP - AT+CBCAP AT commands enables reporting of battery capacity level.

AT+CBCHG - AT+CBCHG AT command enables reporting upon change in battery charger status

AT+CBKLT - AT+CBKLT AT command is used to enable or disable the backlight of the device.

AT+CBSD - AT+CBSD AT command will identify the boundary between a display area and a non-display area of the ME’s (touch) screen.

AT+CBST - AT+CBST selects the bearer service of the data call. Possible values of connection element are, 0 data circuit asynchronous (UDI or 3.1 kHz modem) 1 data circuit synchronous (UDI or 3.1 kHz modem) 2 PAD Access (asynchronous) (UDI) 3 Packet Access (synchronous) (UDI) 4 data circuit asynchronous (RDI) 5 data circuit synchronous (RDI) 6 PAD Access (asynchronous) (RDI) 7 Packet Access (synchronous) (RDI)

AT+CCHC - AT+CCHC AT command closes the session with UICC.

AT+CCHO - AT+CCHO At command is used to open a session with UICC so that commmands can be sent over the UICC logical channels.

AT+CCLK - AT+CCLK AT command sets the clock of the device.

AT+CCWA - AT+CCWA AT command enables the control of call waiting supplementary service.

AT+CDIS - AT+CDIS AT command command is used to write the contents of MT text type display elements.

AT+CEAP - AT+CEAP AT command allows teh device to exchange EAP packets with the UICC.

AT+CECALL - AT+CECALL initiates eCall to the network.

AT+CEER - AT+CEER AT command returns error report for, - the failure in the last unsuccessful call setup (originating or answering) or in call modification; - the last call release; - the last unsuccessful GPRS attach or unsuccessful PDP context activation; - the last GPRS detach or PDP context deactivation.


AT+CEREG - AT+CEREG AT command returns the EPS registration status.

AT+CERP - AT+CERP AT command gets the EAP session parameters after +CEAP command has been executed.

AT+CESQ - AT+CESQ AT command returns signal quality parameters such as channel bit error rate, received signal code power, ratio of the received energy per PN chip and reference signal received quality.

AT+CFCS - AT+CFCS AT command sets the status of the priority level for fast call set-up stored in the SIM. Possible values are 0 disable for fast call set-up 1 enable for fast call set-up

AT+CFUN - AT+CFUN AT command sets the level of functionality <fun> in the MT. Level "full functionality" is where the highest level of power is drawn. "Minimum functionality" is where minimum power is drawn. Possible values are, 0 minimum functionality 1 full functionality 2 disable phone transmit RF circuits only 3 disable phone receive RF circuits only 4 disable phone both transmit and receive RF circuits

AT+CGACT - AT+CGACT AT command is used to activate ot deactivate the PDP context.

AT+CGANS - AT+CGANS AT command is used to respond to nework initiated call.

AT+CGATT - AT+CGATT AT command is used to attach or detach the device to packet domain service.

AT+CGAUTH - AT+CGAUTH AT command sets up PDP context authentication parameters such as user name, password and authentication protocol(PAP or CHAP)

AT+CGAUTO - AT+CGAUTO AT command configures the device disables or enables an automatic positive or negative response (auto-answer) to the receipt of a NW-initiated Request PDP Context Activation message from the network in UMTS/GPRS.

AT+CGCLASS - AT+CGCLASS AT command is used to set the device to operate according to specified GPRS mobile class.

AT+CGCMOD - AT+CGCMOD AT command is used to modify the PDP context.

AT+CGCONTRDP - AT+CGCONTRDP AT command returns active PDP parameters such as APN, IP address, subnet mask, gateway addres, primary and secondary DNS address etc.

AT+CGDATA - AT+CGDATA AT command causes the device to establish a connection with the network. Commands following +CGDATA command in the AT command line shall not be processed by the device.

AT+CGDCONT - AT+CGDCONT AT commands sets the PDP context parameters such as PDP type (IP, IPV6, PPP, X.25 etc), APN, data compression, header compression etc.

AT+CGDEL - AT+CGDEL AT command removes the non active PDP context data.

AT+CGDSCONT - AT+CGDSCONT AT command sets PDP context parameter values for a secondary PDP connection.

AT+CGEQMIN - AT+CGEQMIN AT command sets the minimum acceptable Quality of Service parameters for UMTS connections.

AT+CGEQREQ - AT+CGEQREQ AT command configures the UMTS Qualcity of serice parameters such as traffic class, maximum bitrates, guaranteed bitrates, maximum SDU size, SDU error ratio, residual bit error rate, transfer delay etc.

AT+CGEREP - AT+CGEREP AT command enables or disables sending of unsolicited error codes.

AT+CGLA - AT+CGLA AT command allows a direct control of the currently selected UICC by a distant application on the TE.

AT+CGMI - This AT command returns information about device manufacturer.

AT+CGMM - This AT command returns information about the model of the device.

AT+CGMR - This AT command returns the revision information of the mobile termina.

AT+CGPADDR - AT+CGPADDR AT command returns the IP address(es) of the PDP context(s).

AT+CGPIAF - AT+CGPIAF AT command sets the format to print IPV6 address parameters of other AT commands.

AT+CGQMIN - AT+CGQMIN AT command sets the minimum accepted profile for quality of service parameters such as precedence, delay, reliability, peak throughput and mean throughput.

AT+CGQREQ - AT+CGREQ AT command sets the Quality of service parameters of a PDP connection such as delay, reliability, peak throughput, mean throughput etc.

AT+CGREG - AT+CGREG AT command returns the registration status of the device.

AT+CGSCONTRDP - AT+CGSCONTRDP AT command returns the cid, bearer id information about the secondary PDP connection.

AT+CGSMS - AT+CGSMS AT command specifies the service or service preference that the MT will use to send MO SMS messages.

AT+CGSN - This command returns the IMEI (International Mobile station Equipment Identity) of the mobile terminal.

AT+CHUP - AT+CHUP command causes the mobile terminal to hangup the current call.

AT+CIMI - This AT command returns IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) of the mobile terminal.

AT+CIND - AT+CIND AT command sets the values of device indicators. Possibel values are, "battchg" battery charge level (0 5) "signal" signal quality (0 5) "service" service availability (0 1) "sounder" sounder activity (0 1) "message" message received (0 1) "call" call in progress (0 1) "vox" transmit activated by voice activity (0 1) "roam" roaming indicator (0 1) "smsfull" a short message memory storage in the MT has become full and a short message has been rejected (2), has become full (1), or memory locations are available (0); i.e. the range is (0 2) "inputstatus" keypad/touch screen status (0-1)

AT+CIPCA - AT+CIPCA AT command controls whether an initial PDP context shall be established automatically following an attach procedure when the UE is attached to GERAN or UTRAN RATs.

AT+CIREG - AT+CIREG AT command returns IMS registration status.

AT+CISRVCC - AT+CISRVCC AT command enables reporting of SRVCC handover and d IMSVOPS (IMS Over PS) sessions.

AT+CISRVCC - AT+CISRVCC AT command sets the support status of SVRCC feature in the device.

AT+CKPD - AT+CKPD AT command emulates the keystroke on the device.

AT+CLAC - AT+CLAC AT command lists all AT commands supported by the mobile.

AT+CLAE - AT+CLAE AT command is used to enable/disable unsolicited result code when the language in the device is changed.

AT+CLAN - AT+CLAN AT comamnd is used to set the language on the device. Possible values are, "AUTO" Read language from SIM-card /UICC. "Auto" is not returned by the read-command. "sw" Swedish "fi" Finnish "da" Danish "no" Norwegian "de" German "fr" French "es" Spanish "it" Italian "en" English

AT+CLCK - Execute command is used to lock, unlock or interrogate a MT or a network facility. Password is normally needed to do such actions.

AT+CLIP - This command refers to the GSM/UMTS supplementary service CLIP (Calling Line Identification Presentation) that enables a called subscriber to get the calling line identity (CLI) of the calling party when receiving a mobile terminated call. Set command enables or disables the presentation of the CLI at the TE.

AT+CMAR - AT+CMAR AT command is used to reset the device to default values. Phone lock code required for this command.

AT+CMEE - AT+CMEE AT command enable or disable the use of result code +CME ERROR: <err> as an indication of an error relating to the functionality of the MT.

AT+CMGS - Send SMS message in PDU or Text mode.

AT+CMOD - Set command selects the call mode of further dialling commands (D) or for next answering command (A). Possible values, 0 single mode 1 alternating voice/fax (teleservice 61) 2 alternating voice/data (bearer service 61) 3 voice followed by data (bearer service 81)

AT+CMOLR - AT+CMOLR AT command is used to get the location information from the device. Location information is available through NMEA strings or GAD shapes. Location information can be requested through different methods such as Assisted GPS, Assisted GANSS, basic self location etc.

AT+CMOLRE - AT+CMOLRE AT command disables or enables the verbose format of unsolicited result code.

AT+CMUT - AT+CMUT AT command is used to enable/disbale muting of voice on the device.

AT+CMUX - This AT command enable/disable multiplexing protocol control channel. If no parameters are passed, default values are used.

AT+CNAP - AT+CNAP AT command enables the called subscriber to get the calling name identificaiton of the calling subscriber.

AT+CNMPSD - AT+CNMPSD AT command indicates that no application on the MT is expected to exchange data.

AT+CNUM - AT+CNUM AT command returns the subscriber phone number.

AT+COLP - AT+COLP enables the calling subscriber to get the connected line identity (COL) of teh called party.

AT+COPN - AT+COPN AT command returns the list of operators from the mobile terminal.

AT+COPS - AT+COPS AT command forces the mobile terminal to select and register the GSM/UMTS/EPS network. Possible values for mode are, 0 automatic ( field is ignored) 1 manual ( field shall be present, and optionally) 2 deregister from network 3 set only (for read command +COPS?), do not attempt registration/deregistration ( and fields are ignored); this value is not applicable in read command response 4 manual/automatic ( field shall be present); if manual selection fails, automatic mode (=0) is entered Possible values for access technology, 0 GSM 1 GSM Compact 2 UTRAN 3 GSM w/EGPRS 4 UTRAN w/HSDPA 5 UTRAN w/HSUPA 6 UTRAN w/HSDPA and HSUPA 7 E-UTRAN

AT+CPAS - AT+CPAS AT command returns of the module device status. Possible values are, 0 ready 1 unavailable 2 unknown 3 ringing 4 call in progress 5 asleep

AT+CPBF - AT+CPBF AT command returns phobebook entries from the SIM based on the search parameter.

AT+CPBR - AT+CPBR AT command returns entries from the device's phonebook.

AT+CPBW - AT+CPBW AT command writes an entry in to the SIM's phonebook.

AT+CPIN - AT+CPIN AT command sets the password of teh mobile device.

AT+CPINR - AT+CPINR AT command returns the number of remaining PIN retries.

AT+CPLS - AT+CPLS AT command is used to select the preferred PLMN list. Possible values are, 0 User controlled PLMN selector with Access Technology EFPLMNwAcT, if not found in the SIM/UICC then PLMN preferred list EFPLMNsel (this file is only available in SIM card or GSM application selected in UICC) 1 Operator controlled PLMN selector 2 HPLMN selector with Access Technology EFHPLMNwAcT

AT+CPNET - AT+CPNET AT command is used to set the preferred network. Possible values are, 0 GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN shall be used. The terminal uses GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN coverage only. 1 GAN shall be used. The terminal used GAN coverage only. 2 GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN preferred. The terminal prefers to stay in GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN rather than GAN. 3 GAN preferred. The terminal prefers to stay in GAN rather than GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN.

AT+CPOL - AT+CPOL AT command is used to set the PLMN selector with Access Technology lists in the SIM card.

AT+CPOS - AT+CPOS AT command causes the device to enter a transparent mode for sending XML formatted data.

AT+CPOSR - AT+CPOSR AT command enables or disables the sending of unsolicited positioning data in XML format.

AT+CPSB - AT+CPSB AT command returns the current packet switch bearer type.Possible values are GPRS, EGPRS, Non-HSUPA, HSUPA, EPS

AT+CPWC - AT+CPWC AT command is used to set the power class of the device.

AT+CPWD - AT+CPWD AT command sets a new password for the facility lock function.

AT+CR - AT+CR AT command enables or disables service repoting of the mobile terminal. Set 'mode' to '0' to disable and '1' to enable service reporting.

AT+CRC - Set command controls whether or not the extended format of incoming call indication or GPRS network request for PDP context activation or notification for VBS/VGCS calls is used.

AT+CREG - AT+CREG AT command gives information about the registration status and access technology of the serving cell. Possible values of registration status are, 0 not registered, MT is not currently searching a new operator to register to 1 registered, home network 2 not registered, but MT is currently searching a new operator to register to 3 registration denied 4 unknown (e.g. out of GERAN/UTRAN/E-UTRAN coverage) 5 registered, roaming 6 registered for "SMS only", home network (applicable only when indicates E-UTRAN) 7 registered for "SMS only", roaming (applicable only when indicates E-UTRAN) 8 attached for emergency bearer services only (see NOTE 2) (not applicable) 9 registered for "CSFB not preferred", home network (applicable only when indicates E-UTRAN) 10 registered for "CSFB not preferred", roaming (applicable only when indicates E-UTRAN) Possible values for access technology are, 0 GSM 1 GSM Compact 2 UTRAN 3 GSM w/EGPRS 4 UTRAN w/HSDPA 5 UTRAN w/HSUPA 6 UTRAN w/HSDPA and HSUPA 7 E-UTRAN

AT+CRLA - AT+CRLA At command provides limited control of the currently selected UICC by a distant application on the TE.

AT+CRLP - AT+CRLP sets the Radio Link Parameter (RLP) parameters.

AT+CRMC - AT+CRMC AT command sets the ring melody and volume.

AT+CRMP - AT+CRMP AT command is used to tell the device playback a specific ring type.

AT+CRSL - AT+CRSL AT command is used to set the ringer sound level of the device.

AT+CRSM - AT+CRSM AT comman prrovides restricted access to the SIM.

AT+CSCC - AT+CSCC AT command is used to enable/disable access to protected commands within the device.

AT+CSCON - AT+CSCON AT command returns the signalling state of the device. Possible values are, 0 UTRAN URA_PCH state 1 UTRAN Cell_PCH state 2 UTRAN Cell_FACH state 3 UTRAN Cell_DCH state

AT+CSCS - This AT command selects the character set of the mobile equipment. Some possible values are "GSM", "HEX"."IRA", "PCDN", "UCS2","UTF-8" etc.

AT+CSDF - AT+CSDF sets the date format of the device. Possible values are, 1 DD-MMM-YYYY 2 DD-MM-YY 3 MM/DD/YY 4 DD/MM/YY 5 DD.MM.YY 6 YYMMDD 7 YY-MM-DD 8-255 Manufacturer specific

AT+CSGT - AT+CSGT AT command sets the greeting text on the device.

AT+CSIL - AT+CSIL AT command enables/disables the silent mode. Possible values are, 0 Silent mode off 1 Silent mode on

AT+CSIM - AT+CSIM AT command sends commands to the SIM on the device.

AT+CSNS - Set command selects the bearer or teleservice to be used when mobile terminated single numbering scheme call is established Possible values are, 0 voice 1 alternating voice/fax, voice first (TS 61) 2 fax (TS 62) 3 alternating voice/data, voice first (BS 61) 4 data 5 alternating voice/fax, fax first (TS 61) 6 alternating voice/data, data first (BS 61) 7 voice followed by data (BS 81)

AT+CSO - AT+CSO AT command is used to set or read the orientation of the screen.

AT+CSQ - AT+CSQ AT command returns the signal strength of the device. Possible values are, 0 113 dBm or less 1 111 dBm 2...30 109... 53 dBm 31 51 dBm or greater 99 not known or not detectable

AT+CSS - AT+CSS AT command will get the size (in pixels) of teh device's screen.

AT+CSTA - Set command selects the type of number for further dialling commands (D) according to GSM/UMTS specifications.

AT+CSTF - AT+CSTF sets the time format. Possible values are, : integer type 1 HH:MM (24 hour clock) 2 HH:MM a.m./p.m. 3-7 Manufacturer specific

AT+CSUS - AT+CSUS AT command selects the SIM/UICC slot.

AT+CSVM - AT+CSVM AT command is used to set the number to the voicemail server.

AT+CTFR - AT+CFTR At command causes the incoming calls to be forwarded to a specified number.

AT+CTSA - AT+CTSA AT command is used to emulate a touch screen action on the device.

AT+CTZR - AT+CTZR AT command enables reporting of timezone changes.

AT+CTZU - AT+CTZU AT command enable/disable automatic timezone update on the device.

AT+CUAD - AT+CUAD AT command is used to get the list applications that are available on the UICC.

AT+CVHU - Set command selects whether ATH or "drop DTR" shall cause a voice connection to be disconnected or not.

AT+CVIB - AT+CVIB AT command is used to enable/disable the vibrator feature of the device.

AT+CVMOD - This AT command sets the mode for mobile originated voice calls. Possible values are, CS_ONLY VOIP_ONLY CS_PREFERRED VOIP_PREFERRED

AT+LVL - AT+LVL AT command sets the loudspeaker volume of the device.

AT+WS46 - PCCA STD-101 command to select the cellular network (Wireless Data Service : WDS). Possible values are, 12 GSM Digital Cellular Systems (GERAN only) 22 UTRAN only 25 3GPP Systems (GERAN, UTRAN and E-UTRAN) 28 E-UTRAN only 29 GERAN and UTRAN 30 GERAN and E-UTRAN 31 UTRAN and E-UTRAN